Are contact lens removers safe?

This is somewhat debated and there is a clear viewpoint here but it comes in the form of some qualified answers. Some contact lens wearers feel the need to use a contact lens remover. They are typically of the suction cup type, though there are little ‘finger types’ on the market as well. Frankly, the best option is to get your eye care provider to show you how to safely and easily get your contact lenses in and out without the use of appliances. Keep in mind, since they are going to touch your contact lens it’s just one more thing to keep disinfected. If for some reason you can consistently clean and re-clean your remover better than you can your finger, then it may be a suitable option that theoretically may improve safety, as poor hygiene and lens care is one of the most common issues related to contact lens wearing. However the added burden of keeping them clean in practice, and available at all times seems a bit of a waste when a fingertip is always at hand.

Note that some ECP’s caution their patients against removers as they introduce another variable into the equation and aren’t as natural to handle as your own finger. There shouldn’t be anything inherently dangerous about a well designed remover tool, especially if you’re desperate to try something, but overall using a clean finger properly is the safest method for the majority of wearers.