Most Popular Colored Contacts & More, 2022/23: Take Our Survey


Colored contact lenses remain a popular option for wearers to enhance or dramatically alter their appearance in a way that’s cost-effective and pleasant as a user experience. This segment of the market is set to grow, thanks to the increasing effect of social media, technological advancements that improve the look and wearing experience of colored contacts, as well as the growing number of eye disorders expected over the next decade.

Please take our short survey to help us gather details on facts and trends in 2022 going into 2023. It applies to everyone: those currently wearing colored lenses and those that don’t.

We’ll share the subsequent report here and on’s social media.

Survey 1 Colored Contacts
Some info about you (1 of 3) – Age
Some info about you (2 of 3) – Gender
Some info about you (3 of 3) – Natural eye color
If you could change or enhance your eye color, what color would you choose?
Would you go for a more dramatic change (from blue to hazel) or a more subtle change (to brighten your iris or existing color)?
How often would you wear colored contacts, ideally?
For what occasion would you wear colored contacts?
What’s stopping you from trying colored contacts, or wearing them more often?
Is there an aspect or feature of colored contacts you wish they had?