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Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses

Nelfilcon A is a hydrogel material used in the manufacture of contact lenses. Specifically, it is a polymer of polyvinyl alcohol (a water-soluble synthetic polymer) partially acetalized with N-formylmethyl acrylamide. Nelfilcon A has a 69% water content and it is biocompatible to the human eye. These characteristics make nelfilcon A contact lenses comfortable to wear.

Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses Contact Lenses With Rebates
Focus Dailies
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Focus Dailies
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FreshLook One-Day

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Rebates for Order Amounts
Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses Brand Products 2 Boxes 4 Boxes 8 Boxes
Dailies AquaComfort Plus -- -- $290
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal -- -- $220
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric -- -- $210
Focus Dailies -- -- $160
FreshLook One-Day $35 $75 --

About Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses Contacts

Features of Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses

Nelfilcon A has high biocompatibility to the human eye, which means our bodies don’t produce a negative immunological response when exposed to nelfilcon A. As such, nelfilcon A is an excellent material for contact lenses.

Nelfilcon A contact lenses are typically packaged in a solution containing moisturizing agents, including hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyethylene glycol, and polyvinyl alcohol. According to manufacturers, polyvinyl alcohol is a “comfort enhancer” that gives the lens superior hydrophilic (water-loving) properties. It also has a very low contact angle, which makes for increased surface wettability. Polyvinyl alcohol also helps to stabilize the tear film, and it works in synergy with the other wetting agents to continuously lubricate the lens for comfort. In fact, prior to the release of nelfilcon A, polyvinyl alcohol was used in eye drops to support a healthy tear film and help it to work more effectively.

Nelfilcon A contact lens manufacturers state that the eye’s natural blinking action releases polyvinyl alcohol from the lens, and it and the other moisturizing agents in the packaging solution are gradually released over a 20-hour period for improved comfort. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, on the other hand, helps to optimize the viscosity of the packaging solution to provide superior comfort upon insertion of the lens.

Like most hydrogel contacts, nelfilcon A lenses have a high water content (69%). Generally speaking, the higher the water content in a contact lens, the more oxygen reaches the cornea (the clear, dome-shaped front surface of the eye) during lens wear. The cornea relies on oxygen to stay healthy and function normally. However, it’s worth noting that high water content contact lenses are not always the best option for wearers who struggle with dry or sensitive eyes. This is because high water content contact lenses tend to lose moisture to the environment. High water content contact lenses may also absorb water from the tears, potentially making the contact lens less comfortable.

Nelfilcon A contact lenses are also thick, which is why they’re able to hold a lot of water. However, their thick composition can make you feel like there’s something in your eye. This can be a deal-breaker for people who want contact lenses that feel like nothing. On the plus side, thick contact lenses are often easier to handle when inserting, removing, and cleaning than thin ones.

Popular Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses

There are several popular nelfilcon A contact lenses to choose from. These include CIBA VISION’s Focus® Dailies®, Focus Dailies Toric, and Focus Dailies Progressives. As daily disposable lenses, these contacts allow you to enjoy that “new lens” feeling every day. Plus, they release moisture every time you blink for an exceptionally comfortable lens-wearing experience.

Dailies® AquaComfort Plus® by Alcon are another popular brand of nelfilcon A contact lenses. The only brand to offer Blink-Activated Moisture technology, Dailies AquaComfort Plus provides refreshing comfort all day by releasing polyvinyl alcohol with each blink. Each pair of Dailies AquaComfort Plus contact lenses are visibly tinted so that you can easily spot them in your contact lens case.

Alcon also carries FreshLook® ONE-DAY® for contact lens wearers who want to subtly enhance their natural eye color. These daily disposable colored contact lenses are the first to feature Alcon’s unique 3-in-1 color technology, which blends three colors in one lens to create a totally natural result. With FreshLook ONE-DAY, no one will ever guess you’re wearing contact lenses.

Schedule a visit with your eye care professional to discuss your options.

How Much Are Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses?

Nelfilcon A contact lenses can cost $30 to $45 per box of 30 lenses, with each box lasting one month. If you replace your contacts every day, expect an annual lens cost of $720 to $1,080. The actual figure may be lower or higher depending on how frequently you replace your contacts.

On, nelfilcon A contact lenses can cost as low as $20 per box of 30 lenses after rebates. Take advantage of our discount prices by shopping today!

How to Insert and Remove Nelfilcon A Contact Lenses

Nelfilcon A contacts are soft contacts and as such, you should follow the standard procedure for that type of lens. Start by washing your hands with mild soap and water, then dry them with a lint-free towel. Scoop your first lens out of the case with your index finger of your dominant hand and rinse it with a cleaning solution that’s specially formulated for soft contacts. Inspect the lens for any tears or debris and make sure it’s not inside-out. Using the middle finger of your dominant hand, pull down your lower eyelid. If necessary, use the middle finger of your non-dominant hand to pull your upper eyelid. Look upward and gently put the lens on your eye. Blink a few times to center the lens. Repeat this with the other lens. 

To remove nelfilcon A contacts, hold your eyelids open and gently pinch the lens between your index finger and thumb. Carefully lift the lens off of your eye. Repeat with the other lens.

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