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Focus 1-2 Week Visitint

Focus 1-2 Week Visitint

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Focus 1-2 Week Visitint has been discontinued by Alcon

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Focus 1-2 Week Visitint Reviews -

Rating: 10/10 - 2 reviews
634 people found the following review helpful:

Focus 1-2 Week Visitint

Written By: Cindy

Focus Weekly - best visitint on the market

If you are one of those people who have a problem seeing your contacts, then you will love the visitint on the Focus 1-2 Week contacts. It is a mild blue that covers only the colored part of your eye, this is much better than the visitints that have a slight tint on the outer rim. They look good and are comfortable. I'm not 100% sure, but I think this kind of visitint is only available in the Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses.

700 people found the following review helpful:

Focus 1-2 Week Visitint

Written By: Anonymous

You can actually see the visitint on the contact

Unlike other contacts that claim to have a visitint on the lens, Focus Weekly contacts are actually easy to see. I have never seen other lens like these. All of the other visitint lenses available are still almost impossible to see, especially if they are stored in a colored case. The best part about Focus Weekly contact lenses is if you already have light colored eyes, they will slightly add just a touch of color without the dramatic overboard effect of colored contact lenses. These Focus Weekly lenses are so comfortable that you will forget they are even in your eyes. I have been wearing them for years now.

Product Information

Focus 1-2 Week Visitint are weekly disposable contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. Focus 1-2 Week Visitint offer the freedom of crisp, clear vision and enhanced comfort through frequent replacement. A comfortable contact lens designed for easy handling and for the convenience of one to two week replacement lenses. Wear the same pair every day - clean them every night for up to two weeks, and then replace with a new pair. Replacing your contacts more often reduces the chance of irritating buildup. Focus 1-2 Week Visitint contact lenses are conveniently packaged so you'll always have spare pairs. You'll love the freedom of crisp, clear vision, and the enhanced comfort of Focus1-2 Week replacement lenses.

Focus 1-2 Week Visitint contacts are also available in an array of beautiful COLORS.

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Material Content

45% Polymer (vifilcon A)

Water Content

55% H2O

Rated 10 stars from 2 customer reviews at Lens.com