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Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses

Since 1995, has been providing customers with name brand contacts at discounted prices. Purchase your Bausch & Lomb lenses from, and enjoy the same great pricing on contacts we've been offering our customers for the past twenty years.

About Bausch & Lomb Contacts

Since its inception by John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb in 1853, Bausch and Lomb has grown from a small optical goods shop in Rochester, New York, to a globally operating company and one of the largest producers of contact lenses and other eye care products in the world. As of August 2013, Bausch and Lomb became the eye care division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., which is a multinational specialty drug company based in Canada. Bausch and Lomb is currently headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Active in three divisions of the eye care industry (Vision Care, Pharmaceuticals, and Surgery), Bausch and Lomb has a reputation for being one of the oldest and most well-rounded health care brands in the eye care world. Offering the world's most comprehensive portfolio of eye health products, Bausch and Lomb has a history of innovation that continues to the present day as they invent new materials, engineer innovative technologies, and pioneer new ways for the world to live better by seeing better.

All the Bausch and Lomb Contact Lens Brands

Bausch and Lomb manufactures a wide variety of vision correction products that have been designed for people with conditions ranging from astigmatism to presbyopia. Bausch and Lomb offers high-quality contact lenses that are ideal for anyone regardless of their vision correction needs. Popular brands of Bausch and Lomb contacts include SofLens, Optima, and PureVision, ULTRA and Biotrue.

Bausch and Lomb Cutting Edge Technologies

Many decades of innovation have led to the development and application of technologies that make Bausch and Lomb one of the leading manufacturers of contact lenses. One example of this technology is AerGel, a material that delivers exceptional vision with outstanding comfort. All†PureVision contact lenses†feature this technology and enable contact lens wearers to experience visual clarity and comfort. Since natural levels of oxygen are able to reach the wearerís eyes, contact lenses with AerGel stay comfortable all day and well into the night. Additionally, AerGel contact lenses are able to resist protein build-up. Also unique to Bausch and Lomb contacts is ComfortMoist Technology which can be found in†SofLens brand contact lenses. ComfortMoist Technology combines a unique lens design and innovative packaging solution to provide a moisturized, natural feel on the eye that lasts throughout the day. Biotrue's HyperGel is another contact lens material innovation that boasts 78% water content, which is the exact same water content as the cornea.

Because of their long history of innovation and superior product design, eye care products manufactured by Bausch and Lomb are often regarded as among the best.†

Available Bausch and Lomb Rebates

Bausch and Lomb rebates are available on Biotrue ONEday, Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism, Infuse One-Day, Optima 38, PureVision, PureVision 2 HD, PureVision MultiFocal, PureVision Toric, SofLens 38, SofLens Daily Disposable, SofLens MultiFocal, SofLens Toric, ULTRA, ULTRA for Astigmatism, and ULTRA for Presbyopia family of contacts. The amount of rebate savings can vary from month to month, however.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sleep in Bausch + Lomb contacts?

Although it is not recommended to sleep in contacts, you can use the PureVision line of contacts, which includes PureVision Multifocal, PureVision Toric, and PureVision 2 HD lenses for overnight wear with guidance from your ECP. As well, their ULTRA line of contacts has been approved for 6 nights/7days of overnight wear, and it includes single vision, toric, and multifocal options.

Are Bausch + Lomb contacts good?

Bausch + Lomb contacts are high-quality contact lenses designed to provide you with excellent comfort and vision. Bausch + Lomb contact lenses provide excellent vision for patients whether they are correcting for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Their unique material resists deposits for a clean, clear lens surface for exceptional long-term comfort and enhanced wettability.

What are Bausch + Lomb contact lenses made of?

Bausch + Lomb contacts are high-quality contact lenses designed to provide you with excellent comfort and vision. Bausch + Lomb has a range of different lenses made with either hydrogel or silicone hydrogel to suit different needs and lifestyles. Biotrue contacts are made from hydrogel, while ULTRA and Soflens contacts are made from silicone hydrogel.

How long do Bausch + Lomb contacts last?

Bausch + Lomb expiration dates will depend on the type of lens you have. Disposable lenses will generally last between one day to one month.

Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.3/10 - 1429 reviews

Bausch & Lomb 2 Week (SofLens 59)

1-2 Week Disposable

Product is excellent but mostly the cost was outstanding.

Optima 38 / SP

Monthly Disposable

I haven't had any protein build up like I would with MD prescribed contacts

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

1-2 Week Disposable

product is good but different..much thinner than in the past..difficult to put in still good

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

Vial Lenses

Great quality lens. Fast shipping and great quality lenses.
I purchased these SilSoft Super Plus Kids lenses following my son's cataract surgery. He has had no issues, and wears them overnight without irritation. I will be repurchasing!

SofLens MultiFocal

Bifocal Lenses

Not only great prices for my multifocal lenses but it's easy to order and has a very quick delivery.
Been in these contacts for years. Super comfortable. And was great, super easy process, great price!

SofLens 59

1-2 Week Disposable

I was nervous about getting contacts for the first time, but my doctor recommended the SofLens 59 lenses. They are super easy to use, even for a first-time use like myself!

SeeQuence II (SofLens 38)

1-2 Week Disposable

I've been wearing SofLens 38 for over 22 years - they fit really well and I've neve had a problem with them.


Monthly Disposable

I have been using Purevision for a very long time, they work for me & my eye doctor is pleased

PureVision Toric

Toric Lenses

Ordered contacts and needed to do the online exam for my scrip. It worked very well.

PureVision MultiFocal

Bifocal Lenses

I've been ordering from for quite some time for myself and my family. Always fast service. Always keeping me informed of status. And the prices and good too.

SofLens Daily Disposable

Daily Disposable

We are ordering over 14 years from this company, and everything is very smooth and fast!

PureVision 2 HD

Monthly Disposable

Contacts always arrive before the stated delivery date. RX is always correct. I don't order contacts from anyone else.
I have wore these lenses before and they work really good for me. Very confortable.
I'm very forgetful, so would often forget to pack all the extras with my contacts. With the SofLens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism contact lenses, I no longer need to bother! I can just grab a few pairs, and even on vacation I can wear contacts with ease.

Biotrue ONEday

Daily Disposable

Same quality as from your ophthalmologist. Offers same Rebates as ophthalmologist. BUT cost less than your ophthalmologist!

Purevision 2 Multi-Focal

Monthly Disposable

Easy and inexpensive


Monthly Disposable

I love the contacts brand so much since it so comfortable Iím able to wear them all day without my eyes getting tired and I love the softness when getting them off.
I am very pleased with my clear vision using Biotrue ONEday.

ULTRA for Presbyopia

Monthly Disposable

Everything showed up as ordered. Very happy with the whole order on line experience.

ULTRA for Astigmatism

Toric Lenses

I have tried many contact lenses so far, and these are the only monthly ones I can wear without any problems for more than 12 hours. They stay moist and don't leave my eyes feeling tired after wearing them all day.
The ease of ordering and the timeliness of delivery was very good. However, the difficulty, the effort and the extended time for receipt of the rebate is very poor.


Daily Disposable

Good contacts for my eyes
This is the third year Iím ordering from and this is for my daughter sheís very happy with it buying supplies for one year is very convenient and customer service is excellent. I was trying to give them five stars somehow itís not working