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Moon & Star has been discontinued by Novelty Mfg

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Moon & Star

Written By: Michelle

Awesome - I love so scare people

These are really good contacts and i love so scare people with them MWAHAHHAHA!!

381 people found the following review helpful:

Moon & Star

Written By: Diamond

wicanssssss Moon & Star

these would be perfectttt for like a wican costume! these are precioussss! i feel like i'm going to end up wearing these Moon & Star contacts before halloween aahaahhaa

Product Information

Combining artistry and originality, Moon & Star contact lenses are an excellent choice for adding a creative touch to your costume. The lens design features a natural yellow-green crescent moon strategically placed over the left side of the iris, with a small yellow-green star in the reflecting region of the iris. The background of the lenses is entirely jet black, which contrasts against the yellow-green designs and transforms your eyes into a deep night sky. This unique novelty design is an excellent accessory for Halloween celebrations, theatrical performances, movie productions, costume parties or just for attracting attention wherever you go.

Moon & Star contact lenses are composed of 62 percent polymacon, an adaptable polymer material that conforms to the natural shape of your eyes for a customized and comfortable fit. The remaining portion of the lenses is made from 38 percent water to add a hydrating feeling to your eyes throughout wear. Your eyes may have the appearance of a dark night, but behind them you'll see as clear as day with a customized construction that's designed specifically to meet your visual needs. When properly cared for and worn occasionally, you can enjoy up to one year of use of your Moon & Star contact lenses.

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Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O

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