X-Cel Specialty Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9/10 - 10 reviews

Extreme H2O 59% Xtra

1-2 Week Disposable

(3 reviews)
I previously tried Oasis, Acuvue, and Proclear to name a few, and the Extreme H2O were by far the best for me. I also tried out at least 4 different kinds of lens disinfecting solutions, as I found that made a difference as well (currently using Aquify).

Extreme H2O 54%

1-2 Week Disposable

(4 reviews)
I love these contact lenses! I suffer from awful dry eyes, and so many other brands would irritate my eyes after only a few hours of wear. I can comfortably wear my Extreme H20 lenses all day with no problems, my eyes feel moist and great! I have tried other brands, even the newest and supposed best, and still always return to this kind.

Extreme H2O 59% Thin

1-2 Week Disposable

(3 reviews)
I have tried a lot of different contact lenses and all of them made my eyes really dry. I almost gave up on wearing contact lenses ever again. But then I discovered Extreme H2O Thin contact lenses. ONLY these contact lenses made it possible for me to wear contact lenses all day long without making my eyes dry. Highly recommend these for everyone...

About X-Cel Specialty Contacts

About X-Cel Specialty Contacts

In 1915, an optometrist, optician, and jeweler by the name of J.A.L. Walman founded Walman Optical in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His goal was to bring the attention to quality and detail that was characteristic of fine jewelry to the eyewear world. Because Walman applied the extremely high standards of jewelry to his optical business, he established a foundation for the success of the company that was based on attention to detail and quality. In the century since Walman started his business, Walman Optical has grown substantially to become the largest independent ophthalmic company in the United States. Walman is owned by the employees of the company through an employee stock ownership plan.

X-Cel Specialty contacts became a division of the Walman Optical Family in September of 1994. Since that time, PC Optical, Soderberg Contact Lens, Ideal Optics, and Westcon have all joined with X-Cel to represent the contact lens division of the Walman Optical business. The aim of X-Cel Specialty contacts is to provide contact lens wearers with customizable options so that they can select the lens that is best for their vision correction needs. In order to achieve this goal, X-Cel contacts manufactures 34 different lens designs.

X-Cel offers custom soft lenses, specialty disposable lenses, and specialty gas permeable lenses. X-Celís custom soft lenses are designed to meet the vision correction needs of people with hard-to-fit eyes. Whether the wearer requires a spherical lens or a toric lens, X-Celís custom soft lenses are designed to meet the wearerís needs. X-Cel also manufactures specialty disposable lenses under the Extreme H2O brand. Extreme H2O lenses are the only disposable contact lenses offered in three different diameters. Because studies have shown a significant percentage of contact lens wearers experience discomfort because of the size of their lens, offering three different diameters enables Extreme H2O wearers to find the lens that is right for them.

X-Celís Extreme H2O lenses also have outstanding hydration and water retention characteristics which contribute to a high level of comfort for the wearer. Finally, X-Cel manufactures specialty gas permeable lenses which are an excellent option for contact lens wearers with keratoconus. The wide range of high-quality options that X-Cel offers to contact lens wearers makes them an important option to consider for anyone in the market for great, customized contact lenses.

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