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Customer Reviews & Feedback (100% LEGIT) strives to maintain the highest level of customer service by keeping careful track of all of our customer's comments and concerns. Below is a sampling of what our happy and loyal customers have to say about If you would like to offer a comment or concern about please contact our Customer Service Department.

Rating: 4.8/5 - 5,506 reviews
  • 01/18/2023
    My daughter loves the convenience of dailies and the ability to order them online for a great price (after rebate) is a bonus!
    Louise - New York (6th order)
  • 01/10/2023
    Quick service and great customer support!
    Maksim - Minnesota (7th order)
  • 11/03/2022
    I needed my contacts fast and they were delivered within a few days. I entered the Rx and it was verified and placed the same day. So easy. I love that the rebate process was simple as well. Thanks for this service.
    Nancy - Virginia (3rd order)
  • 10/31/2022
    Easy website, fast accurate service
    Liz - Massachusetts (5th order)
  • 10/27/2022
    Excellent products, I have used these lenses previously (from a different seller). Ordering process was very easy. Service was outstanding! I am a returning customer now and all my experiences have been outstanding. Thanks so much.
    Peter - Wisconsin (1st order)
  • 10/27/2022
    Using is a very convenient way to purchase my contacts and have them delivered to my door. The support staff is very helpful if you encounter issues with your prescription. I am very satisfied.
    George - California (6th order)
  • 08/12/2022
    I placed my order with ease, there were various products to choose from and I was kept informed throughout the entire process of the order. I was notified immediately that my prescription was out of stock but it was only a few days later and I had received my order. The packaging was nicely done and labels were clean, clear and precise. I was afforded the opportunity to use After-pay which allowed me to get my contacts immediately although I didnít have all of the money upfront.
    Charity - North Carolina (2nd order)
  • 08/12/2022
    Great customer service. Great products.
    Christina - New Jersey (16th order)
  • 01/21/2022
    Easy ordering no hassle
    Ryan - Georgia (4th order)
  • 01/18/2022
    Easy & simple
    Alyssa - Ohio (3rd order)
  • 01/17/2022
    Fast reliable service
    Jonathan - Utah (3rd order)
  • 01/14/2022
    Iím very sastified with the products and the service.
    Blanca - Florida (2nd order)
  • 01/12/2022
    Ease of website tp find products and place order.
    Mary - North Carolina (3rd order)
  • 01/12/2022
    from start to finish - very efficient process!
    Kelly - Maryland (3rd order)
  • 01/12/2022
    The primary reason for the recommendation score I just gave is the ease of placing an order, the prices of the lenses, and the convenience of the entire ordering process.
    Katrina - Illinois (2nd order)
  • 01/10/2022
    Easy to use website Fast delivery
    Camille - Texas (9th order)
  • 01/10/2022
    Easy and cheaper than purchasing at the Dr's office.
    Teri - South Carolina (5th order)
  • 01/06/2022
    Fast and easy
    Belinda K. - Ohio (1st order)
  • 01/06/2022
    Very easy to order and find, shipping was fast and my whole experience was perfect.
    Harry - Washington (2nd order)
  • 01/05/2022
    Excellent prices and service
    Karen - Florida (1st order)
  • 01/05/2022
    I was extremely satisfied with the ease of placing an order and the quick turn around time.
    Isabella - New York (1st order)
  • 01/03/2022
    Delivery was quick.
    Kaiee - Maryland (17th order)
  • 01/03/2022
    I am an extremely satisfied customer of I love and have recommended it to people and will continue to do so.
    Halei - California (4th order)
  • 12/24/2021
    Good product. Fast shipping.
    Sharyl - Nebraska (1st order)
  • 12/24/2021
    Quick shipping. Competitive price.
    Helen - North Carolina (1st order)
  • 12/24/2021
    It is quick and easy to re-order my contacts!
    Mary Anne - California (14th order)
  • 12/23/2021
    I love the service so easy to use
    Daniel - Minnesota (17th order)
  • 12/23/2021
    Always a pleasure to work with you
    Carol - New Jersey (6th order)
  • 12/23/2021
    Total satisfaction
    Jan - Florida (6th order)
  • 12/22/2021
    Ease of ordering, Iím a return customer so my rx is on file.
    Christine - Virginia (11th order)
  • 12/22/2021
    Easy ordering and uploading prescription
    Robin - New York (6th order)
  • 12/21/2021
    The best prices on the internet
    Pat - Oklahoma (28th order)
  • 11/08/2021
    Great price and service.
    Jeanette - Massachusetts (9th order)
  • 11/08/2021
    Service with Help on line response
    Anthony - Rhode Island (1st order)
  • 11/08/2021
    very satisfied good service
    Verna - Florida (10th order)
  • 11/07/2021
    ease of purchasing
    Kaila - Florida (1st order)
  • 11/05/2021
    Our order was lost in the mail. When I called they got right on it and we had them in a couple of days. Thank you!
    Gina L. - Mississippi (29th order)
  • 11/04/2021
    Overall great experience.
    Stephen - Alabama (4th order)
  • 11/04/2021
    Good price
    Andrew - Arizona (6th order)
  • 11/01/2021
    All good for me
    Tim - Indiana (6th order)
  • 11/01/2021
    Great prices, prompt delivery, rebate.
    Sheryl - Illinois (10th order)
  • 10/31/2021
    Comparatively low cost
    Carol - Illinois (5th order)
  • 10/28/2021
    Easy process and good price.
    Bridget - Ohio (9th order)
  • 10/28/2021
    The last transaction I had with the lady in the office was so nice and personable on the phone. And then this transaction came quick and accurate.
    Rhonda - Texas (7th order)
  • 10/27/2021
    Easy to use format. Easy to reorder. I like the rebate offer
    Joanne - New Hampshire (6th order)
  • 10/26/2021
    For fast delivery
    Antonio - Tennessee (2nd order)
  • 10/26/2021
    Easy process and fair price. Quick delivery.
    Thomas - Florida (3rd order)
  • 10/26/2021
    Ease of ordering and price.
    Susan - New York (3rd order)
  • 10/26/2021
    Easy ordering!
    Jodi - Illinois (9th order)
  • 10/25/2021
    Convenience. Price
    Constance - Idaho (12th order)

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