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How does the Refer a Friend program work? wants to help you and your friends save even more on contact lenses with our Refer a Friend program. Invite your friends to save $10 on their first order with You'll get a $10 account credit for each of your friends who places an order.

Referring friends and colleagues to is simple and easy. There are no limits to what you can earn. The more you share, the more you save!

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+Which of my friends are eligible?close

All of your friends and family are eligible to participate in this program. You both can save money on contact lenses. Perfect candidates wear contact lenses, have a valid contact lens prescription and have never ordered from

+How do I refer a friend to has streamlined the process by giving you three easy ways to refer friends and family members to

  1. The first way to refer your friends is via email. You can either import email addresses from your favorite email program (i.e. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and others) or manually add them into our system.
  2. The second way to refer your friends is by posting your custom link to Facebook or Twitter.
  3. The third way to refer a friend is share your unique link on your blog or other social networks.

There is no limit to the saving you can earn. The more you share the more you save. Click here to get started.

+How much can I earn?close

You will receive a $10 account credit for every one of your friends who places their first order with The credit will be applied to your account 30 days after their order is shipped, provided they donít return their order.

For example, if you send twenty referral emails and two of your friends click the link and place an order, you will receive a $10 account credit for each order. That is a total of $20 account credits.

+Will I be notified if someone I refer places an order?close

Yes! You will receive an email every time one of your friends places an order. You will receive another email when your $10 account credit is available for you to use.

+How quickly will my referral be processed?close

Earned credits will be applied to your account 30 days after your friendís order is shipped, provided they donít return their order.

+How do I look at the status of my referrals?close

Simply click here to go directly to the Refer a Friend Dashboard or log into your Account and click on the link labeled 'Refer a Friend Dashboard'.

Refer a Friend Dashboard

The Refer a Friend Dashboard will show you how many people you have referred, how many people have visited the site, how many people have ordered, how many account credits you have and much more.

+How do I apply a referral credit to my order?close

Your referral credits are automatically applied to your next order with

+Can I choose to save my account credits rather than spend them?close

Yes, just click the "Edit Amount" link in the shopping cart when your credits are applied to your order. You will be able to change the credit amount or remove it from the order entirely.

edit amount

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