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Acuvue Oasys 1-Year Supply for Overnight Use

Acuvue Oasys 1-Year Supply for Overnight Use

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Acuvue Oasys 1-Year Supply for Overnight Use has been discontinued by Johnson & Johnson

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Acuvue Oasys 1-Year Supply for Overnight Use Reviews

Product Information

If your current contact lenses become dry and uncomfortable after only a few hours of wear, it may be time to make the switch to Acuvue Oasys. Equipped with Acuvue Hydraclear Plus Technology, Acuvue contact lenses maintain moisture throughout the day, regardless of your activities or environment. This unique technology maximizes comfort and smoothness with every blink, making it feel as if you arenít wearing lenses at all.

Since we offer an Acuvue Oasys year supply, youíll always have the comfort and convenience of Acuvue contact lenses within reach. Due to their unique silicone hydrogel material, Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are extremely breathable and allow 98% of available oxygen to pass through to the open eye. When combined with a moisture-rich wetting agent, these contacts eliminate dryness and provide non-stop comfort and clear vision day-in and day-out.

An Acuvue Oasys 1 year supply of contact lenses will help protect your eyes from the sunís damaging UV rays for an entire calendar year. Acuvue Oasys lenses are proven to block 96% of UV-A radiation and 99% of UV-B radiation, ranking them among the highest in UV protection among contact lenses. Please note: although Acuvue Oasys contact lenses block harmful UV rays, itís still recommended that you wear sunglasses with built-in UV protection, as contact lenses do not cover the entire surface of the eye.

At Lens.com, you can purchase an Acuvue Oasys annual supply, eliminating the need to consistently purchase new Acuvue Oasys contact lenses. Since theyíre available in a convenient 54-pack, youíll have enough contact lenses to last you for an entire year of extended wear. Purchasing an Acuvue Oasys 1 year supply gives you the benefit of increased value and the convenience of readily available contact lenses for an entire calendar year. From January through December, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of Acuvue Oasys lenses.

These Acuvue contacts are 1-2 week disposable contact lenses and are approved to be worn as extended wear contact lenses. Since theyíre overnight contact lenses, you can wear them continually for up to 6 nights and 7 days. Or, if you do choose to remove and clean your contacts each night, theyíll last for up to two weeks.

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Johnson & Johnson

Material Content

62% Polymer (senofilcon A)

Water Content

38% H2O