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Star Fire

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Star Fire has been discontinued by Novelty Mfg

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Star Fire

Written By: Liz K

Really Unique

the star fire contacts are totally unique. i havent seen any like this. they're so fun! they pop out... my friends saw them on my eyes she jumped...

Product Information

Want to look starry-eyed in more than just the metaphorical sense? Star Fire contact lenses feature bright, sky blue irises with white, four-sided stars surrounding the pupils. This artistic effect grabs attention from both up close and far away, which makes them the ultimate accent for Halloween celebrations, movie productions, costume parties, theatrical performances and photo shoots, or just for stirring up a night on the town.

Star Fire contact lenses maximize your comfort with a 62 percent polymacon component. This technologically-advanced polymer material conforms to the shape of your eyes upon insertion to deliver a fit so perfect, you'll think they were made just for you. To complement this feature, a 38 percent water content hydrates the eyes for optimum health and comfort. On top of comfort and stability, Star Fire contact lenses deliver an ultra-clear view with a composition designed especially for your prescription.

Lens wearers can take advantage of every possible opportunity to show off their wild sides with the one-year lifespan of Star Fire contact lenses. To maintain the high quality and performance of the lenses for the full 365-day period, eye care professionals recommend cleaning and storing after each wear.

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Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

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38% H2O

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