How Much Do Monthly Contact Lenses Cost? An In-Depth Guide


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Have you ever thought about how much buying monthly contact lenses cost per year? As with buying any type of contact lenses, the answer is: it depends.

How much you pay for your monthly contact lenses will depend on various factors. Don’t worry, though. is here to assist you. In this in-depth guide, we discuss the different factors that affect the prices of your monthly contact lenses. We also provide detailed comparisons and price analysis to help you figure out exactly how much monthly contact lenses cost.

Note: To give an accurate comparison and price analysis, all brands in this guide are 6-pack monthly contact lenses (a six-month supply of contact lenses).

Monthly contact lenses: affordable versus expensive


The cost of monthly contact lenses can vary wildly depending on the brand. Certain people may consider some brands reasonable, while others may consider other brands somewhat expensive.

Let’s examine three price ranges for monthly contact lenses on

1. Low-tier

On, monthly contact lenses in the low-tier price range can cost between $35 and $45 per box. Some of our most affordable monthly contact lenses are:

2. Mid-tier

On, monthly contact lenses that are in the middle-tier price range can cost approximately $50 to $65 per box. The most popular monthly contact lenses on include:

3. High-tier

On, monthly contact lenses in the high-tier price range usually cost more than $65 per box. Our most popular contact lenses in this price tier include:

Note: All the prices listed in this section are regular prices on (no rebates or discounts). These prices are accurate as of 6/13/2022 but are subject to change without notice.

Based on the information above, and depending on your preferred brand of daily disposable contact lenses, you could end up spending around $140 to over $360 per year on monthly contact lenses. Keep in mind that these prices only cover the contact lenses themselves and don’t include additional costs like shipping fees and taxes.

Price Comparison

To give you an accurate and more concrete idea of the prices from different websites, here is a detailed price comparison of the same brand of popular monthly contact lenses on four different websites ( vs three other online contact lens retailers). LensDirect 1-800 Contacts Walmart Contacts
Contact lens brand Biofinity (6PK) Biofinity (6PK) Biofinity (6PK) Biofinity (6PK)
Regular price (no rebates or discounts) $31.24 $45.99 $54.99 $51.00
Price after rebates and discounts $9.99 (4-box order) $36.79 (20% off) $43.99 (20% off on first order) $46.00 (2-box order)
Shipping fees $9.95 (standard shipping) Free shipping on orders over $49 Free (standard shipping) Free (standard shipping)

Note: All prices are accurate as of 6/20/2022.

As you can see from the table above, you save more money by buying your monthly contact lenses from, even with shipping fees included.

If you’re buying your monthly contact lenses online, then consider buying them from You’ll save a ton on monthly contact lenses from, especially if you buy in bulk (12 months’ worth of contact lenses). Based on the prices above, you’ll spend twice as much buying from other websites.

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Additional Costs


When you buy monthly contact lenses or any other type of contact lenses online, you won’t just pay for the contact lenses. More often than not, you’ll also have to pay a few additional fees. The fees you need to pay will depend on the website you buy your contact lenses. However, here are the most common fees you can expect.

  • Shipping fees

Most contact lens e-commerce sites charge a shipping fee to deliver the contact lenses to your address. has a standard shipping fee of $9.95.’s standard shipping takes five to seven business days. If you want your contact lenses sooner, you can pay for FedEx 2nd Day (two business days) or FedEx Next Day (one business day), which costs $17.95 and $24.95, respectively.

It’s worth noting that other websites don’t charge for standard shipping. Online contact lens retailers like LensDirect, 1-800 Contacts, and Walmart Contacts all have free standard shipping.

  • Handling fees or processing fees

Handling fees vary from site to site, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $40 in handling fees when you order contact lenses online. Online retailers don’t usually have physical locations, so they charge certain fees to process your order and prepare your contact lenses for shipping.

  • Taxes

Most, if not all, websites will include a sales tax (sometimes listed as simply “tax”) on your order form. Each website will charge a different amount for taxes based on your location. charges taxes to recover tax obligations when applicable.

Why you should buy your monthly contacts from


Now, you might be considering buying your monthly contact lenses from websites that offer free shipping instead of However, we know that you’ll save significantly more money buying your monthly contact lenses on even if you add shipping fees. The amount you spend on shipping fees is peanuts compared to the amount you’ll save by buying your contact lenses on

You may be wondering how we provide our customers with such huge savings.

Our secret to helping customers keep their hard-earned cash is the staggering amount of rebates we offer. We offer a substantial amount of rebates on a wide variety of contact lenses. When you buy monthly contact lenses from, there’s a high chance that you won’t have to pay full price for your contact lenses.

With’s rebates, you’ll save more money than if you bought your contact lenses from another online retailer. Even if you paid two-day or overnight shipping and taxes, you’d still pay less for your monthly contact lenses on We carry all the major brands and most popular contact lenses, so you won’t have any issue finding your contact lenses on our site.


If you want to save as much money as possible, buy your monthly contact lenses from At, we offer a wide range of monthly contact lenses and a ton of rebates.