What’s New in Contact Lenses: SMARTSURFACE Technology


SMARTSURFACE® Technology is a water surface technology developed by Alcon, a global leader in eye care.

Introduced in 2019 and currently found in the PRECISION1® products, SMARTSURFACE Technology is one of the many results of Alcon’s expertise in comfort-enhancing technologies.

What Is SMARTSURFACE Technology?

According to a white paper that Alcon released in 2019, SMARTSURFACE Technology is a “micro-thin” layer of moisture permanently anchored to the lens core. The result is a permanent layer of moisture at the lens surface with more than 80% water.

The SMARTSURFACE water layer supports lens surface wettability and comfort. It also supports an optically precise tear film for superior visual quality.

Alcon invented a unique manufacturing process for the PRECISION1 verofilcon A material to create the SMARTSURFACE water layer. The process has the lens go through a series of baths filled with a water-loving polymer called polyacrylic acid (PAA). One of the baths temporarily opens pores on the lens surface, allowing the PAA to penetrate the lens material. Another bath locks the PAA polymers into place, creating a micro-thin (2-3 microns) layer of moisture.

According to the white paper, this entire process increases the moisture level from 51% in the lens core to more than 80% on the surface.

Contact Lenses With SMARTSURFACE Technology

SMARTSURFACE Technology is unique to PRECISION1 products, which currently includes only PRECISION1 and PRECISION1 for Astigmatism. These lenses were released in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

Because PRECISION1 is a relatively new product, we can expect a multifocal version of this lens soon.


PRECISION1 is a daily disposable contact lens designed to provide lasting visual performance from morning to night.

One in 5 new lens wearers discontinues wearing lenses within the first year due to poor vision, poor comfort, and handling issues. PRECISION1 was reportedly made to help new lens wearers overcome these issues by providing precise vision, all-day comfort, and easy handling.

PRECISION1 also introduces a new silicone hydrogel lens material, verofilcon A, which offers Class 1 UV protection — the highest level available. The material was created specifically for the PRECISION1 family of contact lenses by Alcon Research and Development.

2. PRECISION1 for Astigmatism

PRECISION1 for Astigmatism is the latest addition to the PRECISION1 brand of contact lenses.

A high-performance toric lens, PRECISION1 for Astigmatism features SMARTSURFACE Technology, Class 1 UV protection, and the proven PRECISION BALANCE 8|4® lens design for a stable wearing experience. This lens also features a 6 o’clock scribe mark for easy handling.

Want to enjoy a healthier, more comfortable wearing experience? Talk to your eye doctor today about trying contact lenses with SMARTSURFACE Technology!