Alcon Freshlook Colors vs. Colorblends Contacts: What’s the Difference?

Are you planning to try out colored contact lenses or switching brands, but are overwhelmed with all the sporadic information available that hinders you from making an informed decision? This article will help you figure out just that. Read on to understand the difference between these popular colored contact lenses so you can make the right decision for these ‘special FX for your irises’.

Aesthetics – Color Change vs. Natural Enhancement

The main difference between the two types of FreshLook contact lenses is the targeted aesthetic effect. They both cater to different colored eyes for the individuals using the lenses to achieve their desired outcome, be it natural or vibrant. FreshLook Colorblends are designed for changing eye color, such as from brown to blue whilst FreshLook Colors help to enhance the natural color of your eyes by making them appear brighter.

FreshLook Colorblends are known for the 3-in-1 color technology to create a beautiful eye color transformation. This is one of the best-selling colored lenses in the market as they offer an incredible range of twelve different color choices. For a more natural-looking effect, you can opt for either Blue, Gray, Green, Pure Hazel, Amethyst, and Brown, depending on your original eye color. Meanwhile, the colors Honey, True Sapphire, Gemstone Green, and Brilliant Blue will be able to help you achieve a more vibrant eye color change. The 3-in-1 color technology helps to blend the natural eye color better into the desired color to achieve a stunning, striking, yet not too jarring effect. This makes FreshLook Colorblends great for changing eye color, such as from brown to blue.

FreshLook Colors on the other hand, help to enhance the natural color of your eyes by making them appear brighter. These lenses come in four gorgeous colors, including Blue, Green, Hazel, and Violet. You could make your blue eyes even more blue, catching attention without any obvious change. You could also use Hazel on brown eyes to add slightly lighter specks in your iris to make it look like you always have great lighting for your eyes.

Therefore, depending on your skin tone and iris hue, you could achieve an exquisite eye color change with FreshLook Colorblends or a brighter natural look with FreshLook Colors.

Alcon Freshlook contacts are designed to enhance natural eye color.


Freshlook Colorblends are able to offer a more dramatic color shift with its 3-in-1 color technology.


You can consider two things when looking for comfortable contact lenses- the duration of wear and the makeup of the contact lens itself, such as material, water content, and oxygen permeability. In this comparison, both contact lenses manufactured by Alcon has the same material makeup. FreshLook Colorblends and FreshLook Colors are both made of 45% Polymer (phemfilcon A) with 55% water content and have a rate of 20 Dk/L for oxygen permeability. In terms of lens diameter, both lenses have the same diameter at 14.5mm. It is also important to note that colored contact lenses are typically slightly thicker than clear contact lenses due to the layer of color. Still, the difference when wearing them is usually barely noticeable.

Both FreshLook Colorblends and FreshLook Colors are 1-2 week (bi-weekly) disposable contact lenses. They can be worn daily for 14 days and then replaced with a fresh pair. These contacts need to be removed and cleaned at the end of each day to keep lenses fresh. To avoid irritation and discomfort, follow your eye doctor’s wear and replacement schedule and lens care instructions.

Thus, rest assured that you can decide based on other factors since both options can provide optimal comfort and hydration for your daily wear. 

Prescription Range

Both FreshLook ColorBlends and FreshLook Colors are available in prescriptions ranging from +6.00 to -8.00. One notable difference is that FreshLook ColorBlends are available to those with astigmatism as well.


Choosing the right colored contact lens for yourself is no easy feat. Based on the options above, you can simply pick which color to go for like you would with clothes in your wardrobe. The questions of comfort and prescription range are no longer something you need to consider.

In choosing the right colors, think about what your end goal is. If you are simply planning to brighten your eyes and accentuate your natural color, then pick a color that is similar to yours. If you would like a little pop of color, pairing a color that suits your undertone with the right makeup and outfit will help. For example, if you have dark brown eyes, gray or brown, always look great to add depth. The color Honey will give you an exciting hue that is eye-catching, similar to the Cullens family’s eyes in Twilight (the movie). Amethyst would look fabulous with glittery eye makeup or some white/nude eyeliner in the corner of your eyes. Have fun trying out the colors while boosting your confidence as you unleash your creativity through your eyes.




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