Glitter Eye-Makeup: 4 Professional Tips for a Fabulous Look

Glitter eye makeup can take your makeup routine to the next level.

If your makeup routine feels a little too, well, routine, why not liven it up with some glitter?  Whether you’re a fan of bright colors or subdued neutral hues, there’s always a way to add a little sparkle to your shine. Although throwing glitter on your face may have been appropriate as a pre-teen, most modern day women are apprehensive about sporting glitter as an adult. With these professional tips you can incorporate glitter into your makeup routine without looking like you raided your childhood Caboodle!

Stick to Neutrals…At First

When it comes to using glitter for the first time, less is more. Experts recommend starting out with a shimmer, as applying shimmer requires a lot less precision. Neutral shades, like browns and light greys, act as the perfect counterpart to shimmer, and are complementary without being overpowering. To add depth and definition, consider pairing shimmer with your favorite matte shadow. If you choose shades with matching undertones, it’ll look more organic on your skin. Once you’ve gotten the hang of shimmer, consider experimenting with bolder colors or larger flakes of glitter.

Stock Up on Liners

The easiest way to keep glitter from looking over the top is to choose an eyeliner with a hint of sparkle. If applied correctly, glitter eye liner can look modern and ultra-chic. Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liner comes in a variety of hues, ranging from silver to bright pink. Perfect for beginners, this water-based liner contains superfine glitter in a clear base. Tone it down by using only the top of the thin brush to create thin glitter-filled lines, or sweep your lids with the side of the brush for a bold, all-over glitter look. The best thing about glitter eyeliners are their versatility – they can be used as a standalone product or can be combined with your eye-makeup essentials.


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Grab Some Tape

 As anyone who’s ever experimented with glitter eye-makeup will tell you, it will get messy. Professionals recommend exercising caution when removing stray glitter from your face – especially around the eyes. Depending on the size of the glitter pieces and quality of makeup, the glitter may have sharp edges which could cause minor damage to your face when scrubbed or rubbed. Instead of risking any damage, grab a piece of scotch tape. Gently press the tape on your skin and when you peel it off, the glitter will be removed. An additional tip: when using glitter, apply your eye-makeup before any other face makeup so you can easily clean up any excess glitter without messing up your foundation, concealer, or powder.

Take Advantage of Special Occasions

Party-centric holidays, such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve, are a great time to experiment with glitter. Even if your eye makeup isn’t perfect, nobody will notice – they’ll be too busy checking out your costume or worrying about who they should kiss at the stroke of midnight. The number one rule about trying new and different makeup trends is to have fun: because at the end of the day, if you’re happy and confident with the way you look that’s all that really matters!

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