Can I run with contact lenses?

In the warmer months like summer, people will naturally gravitate to outdoor activities, including running. Running is a great exercise that you can perform individually or in a group without needing special equipment. It is also one of the best forms of cardio to get your heart pumping, improve your stamina, or lose weight. However, suppose you wear contact lenses or glasses and are interested in running. In that case, it can be a bit confusing to figure out the proper steps to begin running comfortably, without compromising your vision. 

Common questions for beginners without perfect vision include ‘can I run in my glasses?’ or ‘can I run in my contact lenses?’. Most of the time, runners will avoid running with glasses for many reasons, as it tends to be uncomfortable (think sweaty glasses sliding down your nose!) and leads to obstruction of vision. This guide will focus on the best practices you can bear in mind to help improve your comfort and performance when running or jogging. 

Why contact lenses?

  1. The first and most obvious benefit is that contact lenses provide unobstructed, clear, and crisp vision. There are no frames to block your line of sight, meaning you’ll have better peripheral vision. As a result, you can view more of your surroundings and react faster to your surroundings while running or jogging. 
  2. The next benefit that plays a huge factor is comfort. Contacts are simply more comfortable. Since lenses fit your eye, you will experience less distortion, even when moving—no more jostling frames when you move.  
  3. The third benefit is convenience. You will have no glare or reflections, which makes working out much easier, and you won’t have to worry about fogging and rain. 
  4. Contact lenses are also unlikely to fall out or need adjusting, ensuring you can complete your exercise with no disruptions.

Best Practices When Running With Contact Lenses

Here are some best practices you should consider to help make your experience running or jogging with contact lenses more comfortable, improving your performance:

  1. Use the right contact lenses.

Get daily disposable contact lenses as opposed to bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses are usually a lot thinner with better oxygen permeability and water content rates, making them the most comfortable option. Using disposable lenses is also great to help keep your eyes safer by keeping them clean as you avoid using lenses with protein buildup from sweat by running. Soft contact lenses are also preferable to hard contacts because they better prevent sweat from leaking behind the contact lens and causing irritation.

Daily disposables make for a good choice to run with, due to their thin and comfortable design.
  1. Avoid getting water in your eyes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that you should not expose your contact lenses to any form of water. Exposure to water can lead to possible eye infections from bacteria and risk dislodging your lenses. The general rule is to replace your contacts as soon as possible after they come in contact with water. This includes avoiding splashing your face with water during your run or after you run. In addition, if you are a training triathlete, you should wear watertight goggles before you swim.

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

It is a natural reaction and habit to rub your eyes when you get something in your eyes. Rubbing your eyes happens often when you are active, performing exercises such as jogging or running. However, you should avoid doing this, as you could risk irritating your eye further and exposing your eyes to bacteria. Instead, try to blink rapidly to remove irritations. You could also flush your eye out with rewetting drops (never tap water) when you have access to it—just remember to remove your contact lenses first.

  1. Bring spare items.

Always have spare contact lenses in your pocket, along with rewetting drops, in case something gets in your eye, or your eyes are dry and uncomfortable. If you can, bring spare glasses in case your eyes need a break from having contact lenses in them.

  1. Enjoy your run!.

If you are easing into running or jogging, make sure to enjoy it and pace yourself. Set a realistic goal and remain consistent with your routine. If you can, make it a habit to warm up and cool down as well. Eventually, you will reach a comfortable pace, and you will also find the right contact lenses that fit your needs best. If you are preparing yourself for a race, enjoy the process and enjoy the outdoors.


Now that you’ve read our guide with best practices, you are now better informed to improve your performance when running or jogging. You will no longer have to worry about glasses bumping around or sliding down your nose or foggy monthly contact lenses. These tips will help you run safely and comfortably while wearing contact lenses when running! Check out our range of soft, daily contact lenses that are perfect for running and exercise.