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Vantage has been discontinued by CooperVision

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Vantage Reviews -

Rating: 9/10 - 2 reviews
434 people found the following review helpful:


Written By: Alex

Take advantage

I've worn the Vantage vial contact lens for 5 years now after switching from monthly disposable lenses. The Vantage contact lenses are so much more comfortable and they give me better sight. They also last a lot longer if you take good care of them, which is pretty easy. These contact lenses feel great in my eyes all day long. I definitely recommend trying these contact lenses.

433 people found the following review helpful:


Written By: jim
4 has the cheapest price on the Vantage

I have been wearing the Vantage contact lens for about 3 years now and I love it! I tried a lot of contacts in the past and this is the most comfortable and most durable that I have ever had. I don't know why anyone would have anything else.

Product Information for Vantage

Vantage contact lenses offer comfort and clarity in a daily wear spherical lens.

These lenses are tinted for ease of handling and will not change the color of your eye. The tint is simply designed to facilitate locating the contact lenses in solution.

These lenses are also available in COLOR! Vantage lenses are available in an array of beautiful colors. Click here to check out Vantage Accents.

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Material Content

57% Polymer (tetrafilcon A)

Water Content

43% H2O

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