U Itachi (Sclera) Contact Lenses

U Itachi (Sclera)
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U Itachi (Sclera) Contact Lenses

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U Itachi (Sclera) has been discontinued by Novelty Mfg

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Product Information

U Itachi (Sclera) contact lenses feature a design that was inspired by the notorious character Itachi Uchiha from the popular anime series Naruto. The captain of the infamous Uchiha clan, Itachi Uchiha's devious and powerful nature shines through with the dark and mysterious appearance of this lens. This design covers the entire sclera in a jet black background, contrasting with the deep blue appearance of the irises. These blue irises are accented with a ring of several short black lines, with three comma-shaped figures placed in a triangle-shaped formation. You can wear the lenses to liven up your costume for an anime convention, Halloween event, costume party, movie production, theatrical performance, and more.

In addition to enhancing your appearance, U Itachi (Sclera) contact lenses also enhance your comfort with a combination of 62 percent polymacon and 38 percent water. While the polymacon component forms to your eyes for a personalized fit, the water portion continually hydrates and refreshes the eyes for high performance wear that gives the lenses a more natural feeling. This superior performance and exceptional comfort is built to last throughout the one-year lifespan of U Itachi (Sclera) contact lenses, with washing and storing maintenance required after each wear to maintain quality.

Product Availability

May take 2-4 weeks to create

Price Comparison

Our Lowest Price: $219.99
Retail Price: $307.00
Your Savings: $87.01
Manufacturer: Novelty Mfg
Material Content:

100% Polymer ( Custom Theatrical )

Water Content:

0% H2O

U Itachi (Sclera) Reviews


Order Early - Worth the Wait (they are hand made)

These were actually hand painted, so I was willing to wait a little longer than I normally would. It took me about 11 days to get them (they are hand made), so plan ahead. But when you do get these wild contacts, be prepared for some wierd looks. I went out with some buddies to a club that's pretty dim and the bartender screamed when she saw me. Probably the coolest sclera contacts I've seen.

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