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Written By: Erik

love the virus-like floating thing design!

what sold me was the little virus-like floating things. With the purple back-drop it really pops and makes me look infected with something. pretty gross

Product Information

Inspired by the archaic Japanese symbol of the same name, Tomoe contact lenses are the perfect accessory to express your admiration of the East while adding a unique, artistic design to your look. The lens design features lavender irises with lighter-colored bubble-shaped detailing throughout to give your eyes a dream-like quality. To emphasize this pattern, jet black outlines are featured on the outer edge of the lenses to add a striking contrast that captures from afar. Because of the novelty nature of Tomoe contact lenses, they're a perfect choice for Halloween celebrations, movie productions, theatrical performances, costume parties and photo shoots, or just for turning heads during a night out on the town.

Although the fashion appeal of the lenses is their most prominent feature, the design isn't lacking in comfort either. A 62 percent polymacon component is naturally designed to adapt to the shape of your eyes for a custom fit from the moment you put them on. This quality gives the lenses a silky smooth feel, while also promoting optimum stability throughout wear. To further contribute to your comfort, a 38 percent water content refreshes the eyes with superior moisturizing power-- facilitating improved ocular health, as well as superior comfort.

Tomoe contact lenses last for up to one year of occasional wear with cleaning and storing, which means lens wearers can enjoy multiple opportunities to add this original finishing touch to an outfit for virtually any event within this 12-month period.

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Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

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