Paine Contact Lenses

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Paine Contact Lenses

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Paine has been discontinued by Novelty Mfg

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Product Information

Add a piercing red glow to your gaze with Paine contact lenses, which are named after the mysterious and powerful character from Final Fantasy X-2. To recreate the look of this character's eyes, Paine contact lenses feature a vibrant red background with a contrasting darker burgundy color around the pupil. This design is framed with a jet black outline to give your eyes a truly striking quality that appears out of this world. Because they are character-specific, the lenses are a perfect accessory for conventions, Halloween-themed events, costume parties, movie productions and theatrical performances, or just for adding a fun flair to your look for any occasion.

Paine contact lenses are made of 62 percent polymacon, which is a technologically advanced polymer material that molds around your eyes for a customized fit. A 38 percent water content complements this feature by adding a splash of comfort-enhancing hydration to promote a healthier lens-wearing experience. The lenses are built to last for up to one year, which gives you plenty of opportunities to show off your Final Fantasy enthusiasm beyond a single special event. Eye care professionals recommend cleaning and storing the lenses after each use to properly maintain the quality and performance.

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Price Comparison

Our Lowest Price: $115.99
Retail Price: $162.00
Your Savings: $46.01
Manufacturer: Novelty Mfg
Material Content:

100% Polymer ( Custom Theatrical )

Water Content:

0% H2O

Paine Reviews


Great Fit, Great Red Contacts

Very happy with these novelty contact lenses. The red area fir exactly around my natural color (brown). The red covers everything. Booo ya!

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