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Illusions has been discontinued by Alcon

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Illusions Reviews -

Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 reviews
395 people found the following review helpful:


Written By: Julie

Illusions are beautiful!

These contact lenses are so pretty, I had such a tough time deciding which lens I wanted to wear. I finally picked the soft amber color and I love the way that it makes my eyes look! I can really tell that people notice my eyes whenever I wear these contacts. These contacts are also very easy to care for and clean.

388 people found the following review helpful:


Written By: Belina Rogers

Illusions contacts have amazing colors

The colors on the contact are mesmerizing. The palette of colors of Illusion contact lenses is very impressive. The deep blue is my favorite because it is very similar to Elizabeth Taylors eyes and old Hollywood glamour never goes out of style. These are very high quality lenses also and they last a very long time and only need minimal care.

394 people found the following review helpful:


Written By: A. Sosola

Illusions - Exceptional Concacts

I am 31 years old and I've been wearing illusions concact lenses since my Junior year of high school.
I am very comfortable with this brand of contact lenses and I'd refer any contact lens wearer to try them.

Thank you,

A. Sosola

Product Information

Illusion contact lenses offer an array of colors suited to light or dark eyes in disposable lenses prized for their comfort and ease of handling.

Note: Some Parameters of this lens are Made-To-Order, these parameters may have additional charges applied.

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This item normally ships within 2-4 business days.

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Material Content

62.5% Polymer (tefilcon A)

Water Content

37.5% H2O

Rated 8.7 stars from 3 customer reviews at